Six Sigma - Green Belt

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Green Belt

Course focuses on providing students with an understanding of the various Six Sigma tools and techniques. ( Online- 25 hrs: 3hrs/day on working days from 7pm to 10 pm for 5 days + 5 hrs/day on weekend from 2pm to 7pm for 2 days )


Introduction to Six Sigma Methodology Identification, Prioritization and Selection  of Improvement opportunities, Roles & Responsibilities in Six Sigma implementation, Overview of Six Sigma Project execution [DMAIC (Define- Measure-  Analyze- Improve & Control).

Development of Business Cases. Translating the needs of the customer into the  specific requirements - Development of Project Team and Charter, Define and  Map Processes to be improved (SIPOC / COPIS); Identification of Critical to  Customer (CTC) / Critical to Business (CTB) characteristics.
Data Collection Planning, Understanding of Prioritization Matrix and/or FMEA, Type  of Data, Introduction to statistical software packages for data display and  analysis, Measurement System Evaluation (Gauge R&R) for variables as well as  attribute data, Understanding variation - special causes vs. common causes  through dot plots, box plots, histogram and control charts, Stratification  methods through Pareto, Bar Diagrams, stratified dot plot, etc; Evaluation of  Process Capability and Sigma level.

Process Mapping essentials - Activity flow chart, identification of Value-added and  Non-value-added activities (Lean Sigma), Organizing for potential causes using  Cause and effect diagram, Verification/validation of causes, using work place  investigation (GEMBA), Concept of correlation and Regression and use of the  same in validating causes, Concepts of Test of Hypothesis like 2 Sample t, Chi  Square, ANOVA etc., and use of the same in validating the causes, Concepts of  industrial experimentation.

Selection and prioritization of solutions for the validated causes including concept  of risk analysis, Developing plan for pilot and full-scale implementation.

Development of the process control plans, Evaluation and monitoring mechanism  (SPC), comparison of results after implementation of the solutions,  institutionalization and integration of the solutions, closing of the project.

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Six Sigma - Green Belt

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