Course Overview


This course is built for BPM Architect, Developer and Analyst who wants to learn this superb product of Camunda BPM. This product gives flexibility for Java Developers to work for BPM domain. Camunda BPM is one of the leader in BPM market which has both Community and Enterprise products for process development. Camunda BPM is very lightweight workflow engine with simple development interface. It is built on top of Java framework which will give more flexibility on Spring Boot and other Java framework for implementation.

Takeaway - 

  • Student will learn Camunda BPM overview
  • Camunda BPM Basics


BPM Introduction and its related technologies

  • Camunda BPM Architecture
  • Camunda Modeler and its Process Engine Installation
  • BPMN – Notations
  • Process Modeling with Service Task deployment
  • Process Build Tool – Maven Introduction and its Execution
  • Connection with Process Modeler & REST API and its execution
  • Process Modeling with User Task creation

Process Modeling with User Task creation

  • Configuring User Task Properties and its FORM fields
  • User Task Deployment and its Excution
  • User Task Monitoring in Cockpit and TaskList Tool



  • Gateways – Introduction
  • XOR - Gateway Process Orchestration, Deployment, Execution, Monitoring in Cockpit Tool


Rule Engine:

  • Rule Engine – Introduction
  • DMN – Rule Specification, Implementation, Execution, Monitoring in Cockpit Tool

Process Diagram with Spring Boot Application:

  • Spring Boot Application – Introduction and its Advantages
  • Process Diagram Deployment in Spring Boot Application
  • Yaml / Propert file creation for Spring Boot Application
  • Work Around Discussed for Port number conflict issues happening for Camunda Process Engine and Spring Boot Process Engine

SpringBoot Development with Camunda Process Engine:

  • Camunda Process Execution with Spring Boot Application
  • Embedded Process Engine Configuration in Spring Boot Application
  • Camunda Process Execution with Spring Framework
  • DMN – Modeling, Deployment, Execution in Spring Boot Application and
  • DMN - Monitoring with Cockpit Tool deployed in Spring Framework

Develop an application with SpringBooot & Camunda Combination. It is a leave request management system. Three level of human tasks to be involved.

  • Employee raises leave request, It is forwarded to Immediate Manager and HR based on Approval.
  • If any one of the user involved in the process has rejected the request, it should end the process.
  • If any one of the request is deferred, it should be reassigned to the user who raised the request.
  • Mail should be triggered to the request raiser on approval/ rejection of the request.

Deployment , Testing , Monitoring

  • Java based Camunda Process Application Modeling, Development, Deployment, Monitoring.
  • Customized Camunda UI for tasks.
  • Script Task Modeling and its Execution with Groovy Script
  • Unit Testing with Camunda Process.

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